Welcome to the Tregion fan VTC.

This is the only VTC for driving in the Tregion map. 

At the moment all routes driven by our members are logged and visible in the logbook. We are trying to find a solution to only add only routes driven in the Tregion map.


Only if you have the Tregion-map, you can join our VTC.

To download the map, go to the forum, register and download.


To be sure you have the Tregion map, you have to log a route in the first week after your application is approved.

Join our discord! : https://discord.gg/wM97BQe

Promotions in Tregion Fan Logistics are based on the kilometers you have driven in the Tregion map and logged on the VTLog website.    

Recruit    - Startpoint of your career

Trainee    - 50 km

New Driver   - 150 km

Driver    - 250 km

Trained Driver  - 500 km

Experienced Driver - 1.000 km

Lead Driver   - 2.000 km

Legendary Driver - 20.000 km

To get your promotion, leave a comment in #promotions in our discord with the rank you want to have.  As soon as the staff has time and checked your logbook, we will give you your new rank.

At the moment we are building our own website with nice features, like screenshots, rankings and many more.

So stay tuned...